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Enhance the lives and communities of under-served entrepreneurs, creating synergies to drive the next generation of Moguls to build and/or grow their respective entrepreneurial ventures.


Accelerate the closing of the Wealth Gap* by 2050, by empowering entrepreneurs, driving innovation, and supporting collective economics, for current and future Moguls.

The Moguls Only Initiative Global Inc. (the “MOI”) is a globally recognized brand with entrepreneurs, investors, and employees of diverse backgrounds, but who all share in the goal of creating a self-sustaining, wealth generating organism, that will feed itself for many generations.

The MOI was founded by a community of professionals with a broad range of collective experience as founders, corporate executives, operators, and investors.

The MOI has deep specialization across Banking/Finance, Engineering, Logistics/Procurement, Film, Music, Healthcare, Marketing, Real Estate, Education, and Insurance.

MOI Global is committed to providing financial and other resources to a community of brilliant entrepreneurs and investors that will change the world. In order to execute this commitment, the MOI Global will:

  1. Launch various financial, educational, and other initiatives to support Moguls

  2. Invest and lend directly to entrepreneurs to grow a community of Moguls

  3. Launch and manage a series of investment vehicles for accredited and unaccredited investors, focused on investing in current and future Moguls.

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