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The "MOI X" Fund

MOI Investment Strategy

The Moguls Only Initiative (the, "MOI") is a team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and over 150 years of collective experience as founders, corporate 
executives, operators and investors.

Collectively, the team has deep specialization across Banking/Finance, Engineering, Logistics/Procurement, Film, Music, Education, Healthcare, Marketing, and Real Estate.


The MOI is committed to providing financial and other resources to a community of brilliant entrepreneurs and investors that will change the world.


To progress its mission, the MOI will launch the MOI X Fund in 2023. The Fund will identify and invest in a diverse portfolio of companies and industries, collectively comprising a synergistic ecosystem which will improve diverse communities. The Fund will target companies in Finance, Mobility/Logistics, Food/Agriculture, Education, Infrastructure, ESG, Media, Fashion, Entertainment, Health, and Real Estate.

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